Major: Undecided

Here is the question:

Why does this generation of college students have such a difficult time making a transition into the Real World?

The Answer:  Part 1 (Reasons 1 – 3)

1.   The number of students currently enrolled in bachelor degree programs across the country is 18,000,000.  That means that each year approximately 3 to 4 million students enter the job market (this does not take into account students leaving graduate school).  With the number of college students rising, the value of the degree is obviously being devalued.  Next time you’re at your favorite restaurant, ask the waiter if he/she has a college degree…you’ll be surprised.  Unfortunately, the bachelor’s degree doesn’t hold the same weight that it did 20-30 years ago.

2.  The college experience is rarely, if ever, a path to a specific career.  Instead, it’s four years of exploration in the realm of 16th Century Art History and Hip-Hop Dance.  The amazing thing about college is that it allows young adults the opportunity to discover their interests in an almost “mistake-proof” environment.  While the discovery of new interests is important, many times it leads to a student’s inability to choose a specific career path and indecisiveness takes the place of efficiency.

3.  The college student without a career path is often left to fend for themselves.  While career planning centers can offer general resume review and insight into specific career paths, the limited resources prevent the possibility of an undecided student finding the helping hand that most of them need.  With many colleges offering career counselor to student ratios of 2,000:1, it is understandable that many of these institutions are unable to efficiently work with the students who are confused and uncertain about the future.  Many of these students postpone their job search until weeks before graduation when many of the opportunities have already disappeared.

This year will be a tough year for many people, but it could have the potential of being particularlydifficult for the class of 2009.  With a job market that is already filled with qualified applicants, where do the undecided students go?


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