Throw a Networking Dinner

As the market continues to lose stability, it is becoming more and more important for young adults to strengthen their networks.  With the number of unemployed workers currently on the market, hiring managers are being forced to weed through hundreds and hundreds of resumes.  There has never been a time where a personal reference or relationship has been so important to your career success.   So here are the steps to a successful NETWORKING DINNER:

1.  Call up a group of friends and plan a time and place to meet for dinner.

2.  Have each individual explain their current job situation, their career goals and who they are looking to meet.

3.  The group will then offer suggestions of people they may know who could offer help or be a reference for that particular individual.

4.  Move around the table, brainstorming for each person and making sure to take down names and numbers of possible contacts.

5.  Discuss how each individual will provide an introduction to their personal contact.  

6.  Finally, have a final brainstorm for each person about procedural steps that could and should be taken.
This is a quick and enjoyable way to expand your network and open yourself up to possibilities you didn’t know were available.


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