The Top 5 Reasons They’re Not Calling You Back

So, the interview is over and the wait has begun.  One day, two days, a week…still no call.  In today’s market, employers are interviewing more and more potential employees, which is making it more time consuming to call back all of the people they decided not to hire.  While never calling applicants back may not be the most professional method, it is certainly the most efficient and today’s businesses are all about efficiency.  So here are a couple of reasons they may not have called you back:

1.  You Weren’t That Interesting

While this seems self-explanatory, few job hunters are able to make something special out of an interview opportunity.  Most people offer the same generic answers, followed by the same generic questions and then it’s “Goodbye. Nice meeting you.”   I can’t stress how important it is to STAND OUT!

2.  You Didn’t Follow-Up

Despite how well your interview may have gone, there is a strong chance that the “connection” you had with the employer is somehow lost over the next dozen interviews.  Take the time to immediately follow-up with the interviewer and let them know what a pleasure it was meeting them.  To make sure that they realize who’s thanking them, mention something that the two of you discussed in the interview as a reference point.  Whether it’s a short handwritten note or an e-mail, try and make sure it gets to the employer within 24 hours of the interview.  

3.  You Tried To Become Their Friend

Interviews can be a very awkward situation for most people and it is human nature to want to have this person like you.  While you don’t want to appear to be a lifeless drone without a personality, it is very important to draw a fine line between being personable and trying to make friends.  The person you are speaking to is looking for an employee, not a golfing buddy, so make sure that you stay focused and on topic.  If the interviewer asks about personal interests or experiences, try and discuss these topics without losing your sense of professionalism.  If you are a really friendly person, you can become their friend after you get the job.

4.  You Didn’t Know What You Were Talking About

Whether you are truly passionate about the job you are interviewing for or just looking for work (something I would not suggest doing), always do your research.  Understand the company, the industry and the demands of the job for which you are applying.  A quick way to never get called back is to seem incompetent.  Be able to have a general conversation with the interviewer about the particular industry and make sure to have some thoughtful questions to ask.  If you are able to, it’s always a good thing to do a bit of research on the person who will be interviewing you.  You never know if they went to your alma mater, lived in your home state or simply share a love of Cats.  These are all ice breakers that can lead to a better interview.

5.  You Aren’t Applying for the Right Jobs

There is no question that more and more people are competing for fewer and fewer jobs.  While this doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot for the stars and apply for jobs that are beyond your qualifications, it does mean that you are probably going to be competing with people who are significantly more qualified.  Find opportunities where you will be able to bring something to the table.  The economy has required companies to become much more lean and efficient and this ultimately requires them to hire the most qualified individuals possible.  If you’re not hearing back from many of the interviewers, perhaps you need to get creative and look at other fields or geographic locations.  


While it is always a self-esteem boost to get a job interview, it can be an even bigger let down when you never get a call back.  Look over some of these tips and see if any of them apply to you and your interview history.  While interviewing is not a science, it is certainly an art.  Practice makes perfect and before you know it, you’ll have the job of your dreams.


Vance Aloupis


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