Can’t Find A Job? Why Don’t You Be Your Own Boss…

I’m definitely going to touch on this a bit more tonight, but how many of you have thought about one day being your own boss?  I’m sure all of you.  Despite the tough economic times, I don’t think there could be a better opportunity for young, talented and determined graduates to pursue the passion of their life through entrepreneurship.  This post includes some great links for inspiration and ideas for any of you who have decided to take the road less traveled and design your own destiny.


  1.  The University of Miami Launch Pad – A community of young entrepreneurs in South Florida
  2. CEO’s Under 25 –  A great column by Heather Huhman that interviews young CEO’s who are changing the world.
  3. Young Entrepreneur Society – A new movie chronicling the adventures of young entrepreneurs across America.
  4. Entrepreneur Magazine – my personal favorite. A publication dedicated to inspiration and the American dream.
  5. 100 Best Blogs For Young Entrepreneurs
  6. Young Money – Online Resource Center for College Students and Their Finances


Check out some of these great resources and look for our next article on “swinging for the fences”


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