Google Your Employer Because You Better Believe They’re Googling You

In past posts, we’ve discussed the importance of maintaining a clean and respectable online image.  Whether it’s through facebook, myspace, twitter or your blog, it’s often perplexing some of the stuff people think is appropriate for the public forum . The purpose of this post isn’t to continue to hammer down the point of maintaining a solid online image, but rather give you a few suggestions on searchable information that may benefit you in the interview.   

Whether you’re googling a company or an individual, searching the web for background information can lay a strong foundation for a great interview.  Here are a few things we suggest you look for:  

If you’re interviewing with a company, your focus should be on illustrating a strong understanding of both the company and industry.  In your Google search, make sure to focus on the following:

1.  The Company History

2.  Recent Company News

3.  Recent Industry News

4.  Competitors

If you know that you will be interviewing with a specific individual, here are some of the areas of interest that you should be looking for:

1.  Alma Mater 

2.  Career History

3.  Publications/Quotations (Check to see if you’re interviewer has been published or featured in recent articles)

4.  Personal Areas of Interest (Political, recreational and social affiliations can be found easily online.)

5.  Leadership/Management Experience In The Company

6.  Blogs/Twitter Feeds (You’d be surprised how many high level executives are twittering as well.)  

Once you’ve found some great information, your work isn’t finished yet.  Now prepare to incorporate all of your new knowledge into the interview.  If you’re interested in more information regarding researching potential employers, here’s a great article by Heather Huhman at the Examiner.  Good Luck!


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