Top 10 Career Advice Tweeple That You Need To Be Following

It’s that time of year again…Caps, Gowns, Diplomas.  The Class of 2009 is preparing to join the rest of us in this wonderful place called “The Real World.”  At Beyond Graduation, we have been preparing many of our clients for perhaps one of the most challenging job markets this side of the Great Depression. While we believe our resources and experts are top notch, we certainly realize that there are hundreds and thousands of wonderful career-advising minds throughout this great land.  With that in mind, we motivate our clients to follow people on Twitter who we feel provide great advice for college-age job applicants.  Over the past few months, we have created a list of the top 10 Twitter people (Tweeple) who regularly provide amazing content and advice.  In no particular order, we have put together this list as a thanks to those who have helped to motivate the young adults with whom we work.  Keep up the good work!!!

Top 10 Career Advice Tweeples (in no particular order)


Using their T.A.P. (Twitter Advice Project), CAREEREALISM and it’s founder, J.T. O’Donnell, are revolutionizing interactive career advising through Twitter.  With television episodes, compelling articles and a staff of young adults, is sure to be a major player in College Career Advising.

2.  DanSchawbel (

A personal branding expert for Generation Y and the author of Me 2.0, Schawbel commands an impressive following as a result of the great content he provides and directs his followers to.  With a television show, book and blog, it’s impressive to see a young adult with such an understanding of marketing in the job market.

3.  HeatherHuhman (

The editor of Entry-Level Careers at, Huhman has written about every topic a college student could potentially face in beginning their job search.  As a frequent contributor to T.A.P., Huhman isn’t afraid to speak her mind when she disagrees about a topic.  Her ability to incorporate career advisers and her own expertise into her publications is just another example of her journalistic excellence.

4.  SweetCareers (

Grace Kutney is a career advisor and one of our favorites at Beyond Graduation.  With over ten years of experience, Kutney utilizes both Twitter and her blog to discuss areas of career advising specifically relevant to college students.  Her blog features video tutorials and job board reviews, which are a huge hit with our clients.

5.  Gradspot (

While is not solely dedicated to providing career advice to college students, their comprehensive approach to transition college students into the Real World is something that we believe is extremely important.  Founder Stuart Schultz provides students with advice ranging from roommates to health insurance, 401K’s to using your Student ID after college.  This is a great resource for any college student and recent college grad.

6.  onlineresume (

Offering a free online resume builder, Resume Bear offers some of the most comprehensive resume and cover letter advice on the internet.  Don’t let the name fool you, onlineresume offers advice in almost every area of career planning and their frequent updates on Twitter provide all of us with great food for thought.

7.  JobHuntOrg (

With career advising, career planning and the job search moving to the internet, how can you not include a woman who is the foremost expert on online job hunting?  With over 13 years of experience and a website that boasts over 12,000 employer contacts, JobHuntOrg is a great resource for college students, graduates or transitional careers.

8.  rgilles (

Renel Gilles has a lot on his plate.  From providing career advice through his blog and Twitter account, to overseeing both and, Renel is another one of our favorite sources for career advice.  As his blog will illustrate, his focus may be in the medial and IT fields; however, that has prevented any of the Beyond Graduation clients from following his daily advice.  While he may not have the following of some of the others on our list, we think it’s only a matter of time before people start realizing what type of content Mr. Gilles is putting out there.

9.  JobSearchNinja (

Aside from loving the name, the JobSearchNinja (Todd Bavol) was one of the first career experts that we began following at Beyond Graduation.  While his advice may not always be geared towards college students, it is certainly applicable and important to take note of.  His website, much like most of our tweeple, contains innovative content and is updated daily.

10.  JillTipograph (

Jill Tipograph made the list because of a program that she is spearheading this summer known as The College Career Bootcamp (  As something that Beyond Graduation has dreamed about doing, Jill is bringing our dreams to reality.  The opportunity for college students from around the country to meet, interact and learn from some of the top executives in the country.  Her cutting-edge approach to career planning will certainly be something to look out for.

From Beyond Graduation, I want to thank all of you for the wonderful career advice that you’ve provided through your websites and Twitter.  While I hope the next few months offer continued improvement in the job market, continue to remember that millions of young adults are going to be entering a very challenging time in their lives, and it is our job to give them the advice and resources necessary for success.


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One Comment on “Top 10 Career Advice Tweeple That You Need To Be Following”

  1. Johnny knox
    May 11, 2009 at 3:48 pm #

    Most of these are great – but I do wonder why you have one (jobspot) that has virtually no followers, are following nobody and more important almost no tweets.

    I would supplement this list with @ATLRecruiter, @theredrecruiter, @Debrawheatman, @ValueIntoWords, and so many more

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