When Moving Home Can Make All The Difference In The Job Hunt

For many from the Class of 2009, this weekend was the last “hoorah!”  College is over.  While some of you may have great jobs and apartments to move into, most students return home to live with the ‘rents to get over the culture shock of the real world.  If you’re moving back home, don’t feel bad.  Here’s a statistic for you:


65% of College Graduates Return Home To Live With Their Parents

While moving home may seem to be a situation just worse of moving in with your weird Uncle, it can be a great way to build a foundation for a successful life after college.  First, use this as an opportunity to cut some major costs in your life…primarily: RENT.  Unless your parents are on the “tough” side of things, most of you will be able to get away living with your parents rent-free for a period of time.  Second, moving back home usually includes home-cooked meals.  Not only will this be a great way to trim your food budget, it’s also a great way to trim your waist.  College students tend to subject themselves to mass amounts of Wendys, McDonalds and Burger Kings over the course of their four or five years.  Finances can be a very difficult arena for young adults and maintaining a relatively debt-free life is a huge plus for any college graduate.  If you think about it this way, the less debt you have, the longer it is acceptable to look for a job that really meets your needs.  While that doesn’t mean you should go jobless for years at a time, it does mean that limited debt will give you the flexibility to look a bit longer for that job that really meets your needs.

In terms of networking, use the “at home” time as a chance to get to know your parents, their profession and their friends.  Whether your parents are super social or intense introverts, there’s a strong chance that they’ll have a contact or two that may prove to be beneficial.  Keep your parents updated about your job search and request assistance when you feel it’s necessary.

Finally, enjoy spending some time with your family.  While most of you have spent the last four years away, this will most likely be the last time you get to really spend a significant amount of time with your parents.  Cherish the opportunity and enjoy it while you still can.  I guarantee you…paying bills isn’t that much fun.


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