When Is It Okay To Take A Job You’re Too Qualified For?

I was contacted by a friend from college last week, who told me that he’d been out of work since January.  This young man had been in the real world for several years, had a bachelors degree from a great university, but found himself unemployed when the company he worked for went out of business.  

That was six months ago.  He still hasn’t secured a job.  

In years past, I’ve heard that the average job search usually takes around 100 days.  Well, while I am hopeful that the job market is improving, it appears like the job search in 2009 may be double, if not triple, the length of years past.  

My friend, who has become somewhat desperate, is currently interviewing for a $10/hr job that probably requires the skills of someone with a high school diploma.  So when is it okay to take jobs that you’re too qualified for?  One word:  Potential.

If you are willing to take a job that is below your pay grade, make sure there is significant potential in terms of growth, education and opportunity.  Be strategic and view every job as an opportunity to take the next step.  If you just graduated from college and you’re looking for a job at the local ice cream store, I’d say that you need to spend some more time looking.  

View your first jobs as “stepping stones” and make sure that each stone always has it’s purpose.


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