And so it begins

Welcome to Beyond Graduation!

Our official eCommerce site – full of fabulous things for fans of all shapes and sizes – launches on Wednesday and we just attended APSCU earlier this week, doing an industry launch of our concept and our eStore.


While it is cloudy here at the moment, the future is so bright for Beyond Graduation that I should be wearing shades. Cheesy? Yes, but TRUE!

APSCU – the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities – is a group of dynamic business people and educators who are very interested in what happens to their students Beyond Graduation. The group – as a whole – is recognizing that alumni play a huge role in the growth and continued health of any academic institution. While a great education may not require a logo t-shirt so that you can sport your pride, it certainly benefits from the availability of said t-shirt. And perhaps the pride is not an option. Perhaps the pride in organization and in self – for surviving the rigors of education and emerging – Beyond Grad – with the qualifications you worked toward is necessary.

Pride, affiliation and entertainment are all part of the reasons we wear logo stuff, right?? When you get dressed in the morning – and have a choice as to what you can wear – what are you likely to sport? Do you select a color? Is it logo wear featuring your favorite team or your school? Does it depend on the events of the day or season, with special attire for game day?


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