From Tom Schaeffer… his journey to Beyond Graduation

Tom said

“I was sitting back in my favorite chair thinking about all the purchases I have made in support of my favorite teams. Over the years it has to be hundreds of hats, tees, warm ups, sweat shirts, bumper stickers, car flags, coolers, license plate frames, pens, autographed pictures, banners, coffee mugs, on and on.

“Over the years my favorite teams have changed. As I moved, or was influenced by a star athlete or a child going to college, I’ve followed Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Tech, University of Colorado/Boulder, Notre Dame, Arizona State Sun Devils, Frisco Rough Riders and the Santa Cruz Bananas, just to name a few.

“So I started thinking (amazing, I know). What if all those purchases over the years had gone through the same shopping portal and a portion of the profits went to the alumni association or whatever revenue sharing department wants to benefit from ALL the business? Good idea!

“At Beyond Graduation that is exactly the opportunity available to anyone that has influence with an alumni group, consortium or any kind of group that would like to experience a revenue share from shopping through the portal that we will design for you for FREE. Totally customized and you have access to all the colleges and pro teams!

“Too good to be true? No. That is only part of what we can do. If this interests you, let me know; go to our website and picture it with YOUR school or alumni association logo on it. Go ahead. It can really happen…”

Tom also shared that the chair referenced in paragraph one is “a comfortable chair.”


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