Facts and Alumni Fundraising

Some facts about the market we are in.  19.1 million students attend 2-year and 4-year colleges.  This is an increase of about 3.8 million since the Fall of 2000. The majority of college students are female (approximately 57%).  Over 3 million students graduate from college each year.

49.4 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools.  14.7 million of these will be in grades 9-12 (high-school).

For our company, Beyond Graduation, it is important to know a few other facts.  4.3 billion dollars in collegiate merchandise is purchased each year.  60% of that is apparel.

As noted in the first paragraph, over 3 million students graduate each year.   How can you put together an alumni fundraising effort that graduates (or fans) with products or services that they want?   BeyondGraduation.com goal is to work with college alumni associations as part of their fundraising efforts.

Beyond Graduation will build a customized online store (eStore) for an alumni association that features affinity merchandise of interest to your alumni.  The cost of inventory, logistics, product content, product management, and product development for any of the items we carry for the association is fully burdened by Beyond Graduation.   Just as important, the costs associated with marketing efforts to let your alumni know about your customized store that we create for you are also fully burdened by Beyond Graduation.

Contact us at info@BeyondGraduation.com to learn how we can help you.  Feel free to also go to http://www.BeyondGraduation.com/Fundraising.aspx to learn more about our program.


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