Name That School…

I was thinking today about all of the colleges, universities and schools that we have come to know just by the mention of their mascot. Much like Xerox©, Kleenex©, and Coke©, many of these schools have become iconic symbols of recognition simply by their team name.

Fighting Irish. Tar Heels. Buckeyes. Gators. These are schools that we all know just by their respective mascots. And there are many of out there who profess to know almost every college and university out there based on their mascot name.

So, with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to test everyone’s skill level with a Quiz that encompasses the School Mascots that aren’t so recognized. The quiz will begin with some easier ones to get your Thinking Hat on right and then move on to more difficult ones to identify.

Score yourself 1 point for Answers 1-5; 2 points for Answers 6-12; and 3 points for the BONUS Question. The answers are in the links for each mascot name; no cheating or peeking until you’re done – and then you can go back and click on the links to check your answers!

Are you ready to test your Mascot Naming Prowess? Here we go:

  1. Demon Deacons
  2. Hilltoppers
  3. Minutemen
  4. Thundering Herd
  5. Ragin’ Cajuns
  6. Jaspers
  7. Chippewas
  8. Blue Hen
  9. Jackrabbits
  10. Kangaroos
  11. Leathernecks
  12. Stags
  13. And the BONUS! Question: Penguins

The first time through, I got 9 points. I didn’t think that was half bad.

How did you do?

0-5 Points:  You shall remain nameless
6-10 Points:  You’ve got some name game
11-15 Points:  I name thee Mascot Monicker Marvelous
16-20 Points:  Who let in the name master?
21+ Points: You’re in the Name Game Hall of Fame!


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