A New Company … Built on an Established Foundation

At Beyond Graduation, our sum is truly greater than our parts.

Mike Fischler, architect of the Beyond Graduation concept and team, brings over 20 years experience selling into colleges and leading the premiere eStore for student-priced software, JourneyEd. Journey grew through partnerships. Working directly with colleges, as well as college partners like Follett and Barnes and Noble, JourneyEd was able to be the software store for more than 3000 schools, both higher ed and in the K12 space.

When Mike sold that business and was looking for his next adventure, a good friend of his who had spent more than 20 years in the apparel business got him thinking about logo wear. Tom Schaeffer, said friend, had worked with the Dallas Cowboys, taking their brand to the international market. Tom always felt that the alumni/college segment hadn’t received the attention it was due from the apparel manufacturers and distributors and believe that customized eStores – much as Journey had provided for software – would be the key to providing better service, better products and more benefit to the schools and clubs that were willing to work with Beyond Graduation.

John Wainwright, IT Geek extraordinaire, who had been the true infrastructure behind all of the JourneyEd partner sites, joined Beyond Graduation to bring his knowledge of all things web and most things social media along for the ride. John has been instrumental in keeping us delivering on what we promise and making sure that we do so with coding grace and html style.

Steve Cronin, who had worked with Mike when Journey was just a little start-up, had gone on to work for Adobe, as a big part of their education sales team. Steve landed Adobe’s largest education sale to date (yes, the record still stands) and decided to rest on his laurels, until Mike dragged him from retirement. Steve was intrigued at the potential of Beyond Graduation and was excited at the service aspect of the program. He’d done straight sales transactions for years, but Beyond Graduation provided him with an opportunity to provide a service that would give back to all of his school partners he’d worked with while at Adobe.

The final piece of the puzzle was … me (Alice Kelsey). In my career, I’d worked for a 501C3 and had also spent 10 years in education marketing and business development. Beyond Graduation allowed me to get back into fundraising, while maintaining my contacts in education and my knowledge of this space. In this job, I’m using a little bit of everything I’ve learned during my professional life and I’m being pushed in some new and adventurous directions (Blog, anyone??)

All of this is just to say that while Beyond Graduation is rather new on the block, the foundation has been here for years. And that foundation – and this management team – will continue to offer new programs and new options that will benefit schools and delight students and alumni.

And the foundation has a broader footprint than is obvious right now. Watch for announcements about special deals in the technology space, watch for an expansion of product offerings beyond our current collection of more than 100,000 skus and watch for us to continue to bring the best of our combined experiences to your Beyond Graduation experience.



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