Twin XL or Twin; that is the question!

Dorm room shopping … yikes! You drop them off with what you hope will see them through their first 10 weeks and as you unload it (and prepare to get it up to the sixth floor) realize it would probably last the average human 100 weeks!

DePaul provided a very nice start on a list … ‘the what to bring’ for the freshman dorm experience, so I’m sharing. What follows are their recommendations … I’ll let you know how it meshes with reality and will follow up with an additional post on the things my creative child felt it necessary to add.

Note – my son’s dorm is one of several that feature Twin XL beds and his room in En Suite, so he’ll be sharing his bathroom with two other guys and it is their responsibility to keep it clean. The links go out to fun version of the products at Beyond Graduation. If you are interested sporting love of college or pro team, check out the link or search for your favorites!

The Desk


UL-approved power strip or surge protector


Printer paper and extra ink or toner

Desk lamp, CFL bulb (no halogen)

The Decor

Poster putty

3M Command strips

Stuff to stick to walls using items above

The Bed

Alarm clock (in case we’ve made it too comfortable)



Mattress pad and cover (twin XL)

The Clothes/Stuff

Under bed storage containers (max height of 28”)


Small safe or lock box for personal items

The Shower

Towels and washcloth (or scrubbies)


The Snacks

Dishes and cutlery

Mug or drinking cup

Water bottle

Cleaning supplies and paper products

Garbage bags, extra bin

Cleaning supplies

Vacuum cleaner or dust buster

Air freshener

Paper towels

Toilet paper




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