Harry Potter with a student loan???

Okay … Hogwarts, as an invitation-only institution, must be tuition free. One can only hope, given the amount of Weasleys and their implied financial situation. But at recent blog entry I stumbled over –  http://bit.ly/n5UxIC – has great fun pricing out just what those years at Hogwarts might look like as a final price tag.

Ouch. Ouch for Harry and Ron but more ouch for those who grew up with the Harry Potter books and are now close to college graduation, looking at student loans and a grim job outlook.

One of the truest things I heard while at DePaul for parent orientation was “the students who live like they are professionals while they are at college will be forced to live like college students after they graduate.”

Love it?!

The Financial Fitness Program at DePaul is set up to help kids figure out what they should reasonably take on for debt, given the projections of what they will earn after they graduate. They will also help them figure out how to make they numbers they are facing work for them, whether that’s finding a part time job, figuring out how to reduce expenses or going after a little more scholarship money than they’d realized was available.

I believe in a college education. What’s worse, I believe in a liberal arts education, where you aren’t doing a pre-professional program but are instead learning how to think, analyze and write.

I don’t believe in being crushed by debt. That seems like a burdensome beginning for anyone, let alone 20 somethings who are new to the real world, which seems colder and crueler than when I was in their shoes.

Solutions, suggestions, or free money?? Do you feel the value as you made payments post grad on your own loans?

Did you buy these for your kids or where you really hoping they’d choose community college?


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