The Countdown

My son started his countdown at ten days. He leaves for college on Sunday, so his number is rapidly dropping.

DePaul has been sending him lots of emails about the activities he’ll be enjoying during his first weeks at school. He is one of the lucky freshmen whose program begins a week earlier than most. Should make moving in easier on me. That it is attached to a quarter-long 8 am class will make life a little more complicated for him.

During that first week, he will be taking a ceramics class, going to sundry museums and attending at least one theatre performance downtown. The following week, there is talk of Cub games, busses to Target, river paddling tours and more. Welcome week indeed!

I’ll be home these two weeks, cleaning the currently trashed house. (My living room is full of the dorm room collection and his room looks … like it could use a little TLC.) To say this is a bit of an inequity just doesn’t cut it!

I wanna go!! I’ll even do homework. An 8 am class sounds pretty easy compared to the 6:30 call to exercise followed by a full day of work. I loved college and I wasn’t even primed to love it with the Cubs and river paddling (I’m assuming it won’t be a spanking but more of a boating adventure … but the stories should be good either way.)

He is delighted and excited. I am jealous.

Hopefully I can find joy in being an adult. In being home to pay the bills and clean the kitchen. In not having papers due and not having to try to survive Calculus.  In having the wisdom of experience rather than the thrill of discovery. Ha…..

I’ll try. But I still wish the living room pile were mine. When I went off to college I was a little nervous. I got lucky and had a great roommate and the whole thing was a blast, but I didn’t float off.

I think the boy is floating and I’m delighted. And a still a little jealous!


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