Buying Books or is it Bying Books??

Recently saw a funny tshirt that discussed how those of us of a certain age have been betrayed. If this is our future, why oh why isn’t it more like what was promised in Star Trek and other forward looking visions that showed us a shiny world of teleporters and a beautiful lack of traffic??

Ereaders, ebooks, emags, etc. have been one of the real promises of the future for a couple of years now, but they have not yet made much headway in education, higher education or K12.

While I would think kids would be delighted by the reduction in sheer weight, they haven’t really embraced the technology. I’ve read that part of it is that they have learned two read in a ‘two screen, interactive’ version. The current crop of students has learned to study in books. Words and pictures on facing pages, room for notes in the margin, the ability to face plant into the gutter when exhausted or bored beyond reason… that’s the current paradigm. The land of electronic highlighters and built in word searches that provide definition, pronunciation and more just isn’t what they know.

Will be get there? Gotta think yes, but I really don’t know when.

I have an abiding affection for physical books. For turning pages, marking pages and using theatre ticket stubs to hold my place. I know that if my travel schedule got busier, the allure of the ebook would trump hardcover, as I spend a majority of my time trying to reduce the weight I’m carrying around. But, until that is a reality, I am an impossible sell.

I love my books. I love them sitting on my bookshelves, getting dusty, full of memories and ready to share with unsuspecting visitors who may be lucky enough to bring one of two of them home for their own experience.

But back to that weight thing. I think if I had the opportunity to carry a portable screen rather than 20 pounds of textbooks, it would require serious consideration. I’m just not sure if MY brain could learn from a flat scrolling screen. Is my learning locked up in the deliver mechanism or could I adapt?

Given my utter lack of success with video games, I’m thinking I’d be a bust, but who knows???


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