Groupon for Education

Interested in teaching? Have we got a Groupon for you!

In an interesting twist, Groupon, in conjunction with National Louis University, is offering a discount course that will start you down the path.

“The course, tailored for people with no exposure or experience with teaching, is specifically structured for the Groupon deal and is open to anybody with an undergraduate degree, she said. National Louis will offer the course only at its Chicago campus….

“We wanted the course to cover the broad and deep landscape of teaching,” Zivin said.

“Regular tuition for the course is $2,232. Groupon will offer it for $950, officials said. The Groupon will go live Tuesday and will be available until Wednesday or until it sells out. Only 25 slots will be available, and the deal will tip at 15, Zivin said. The class will meet for three hours on Monday evenings, from late September to December.” (Chicago Tribune)

While successful completion only gets you 3 of the required 36 hours necessary for the masters degree, it does provide a discounted test drive that allows potential teachers to see how the program suits them and if they might want to continue on.

Grad school Groupon … surprising, but I guess it shouldn’t be as the discounter tries to pull in ever newer offerings.

Interesting? I guess if it were something I was considering, it would be a great way to test it out. Education is not cheap and there is no small appeal in saving a little money while dipping in ones toes.

Your thoughts? What would be a more surprising Groupon? I’m sure they’ll try to rise to any challenge offered….


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