College presidents on technology

A recent survey of college presidents indicates that while they are power users of technology, they aren’t thrilled with students’ expanding technology use.

Why? They believe that technology has increased cheating. True .. but it has also made it easier to catch.Did you know that if you type in a line or two of text, Google will find it and you’ve got the original document right there in front of you? That’s lots easier that scouring the library trying to figure out what was lifted!

I never met a word processor until I was in my junior year of college. I have a few of the papers I submitted before I made its acquaintance and they are embarrassing. When correcting something meant retyping an entire page rather than just retyping a word, things did not look so good.

My favorite was a paper I was typing on my electric typewriter (which at the time made me WAY cool as I had one of my very own) and I ran out of black ink. As all I had left was a green cartridge (yeah … I don’t know what I was thinking) .. .I typed (MERRY CHRISTMAS) into my end-of-first-semester paper and continued on in green ink. While the professor may not have been amused, I didn’t get dinged for it.

Technology can make things so much better – can make burdensome tasks a breeze so that one can focus on the product rather than the process. I would never have restructured a paper after typing it out … when the typing was done on a typewriter. But if dealing with a computer – heck YES; the joy of dragging and dropping paragraphs and points in an argument can’t be overstated.

I’m a better writer than I was in college, but most of that is technology.

I think schools need to figure out how to fully leverage technology. For every cheating window opened by technology, there is another technology coming up behind reading to slam it shut. And add bars.



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