Wait …. college can save you money???

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune provided a nice change to discussions on the cost of college. It is an article that lists off all the places where having a college id can actually save you money.

See the article itself for a pretty great list of savings. The best piece of advice in it is simply “ask”. Ask if the store or restaurant or museum offers a student discount. The worst they can say is no and at best, you may save 20% off of posted costs.

My daughter is quite the book bargain hunter, seldom buying things from the campus bookstore, where even used books can be quite expensive. She tends to favor Amazon and its many links to used book sellers who have priced it to move out of their dorm and into your own.

Right now can be a great time to purchase dorm supplies, as most schools are already in session and stores are moving the college items out to make room for skeletons, pumpkins and … oh no … Christmas trees.

And Amazon provides a free, yet temporary, membership for students to Amazon Prime, which gets you free 2-day shipping on MANY (but not all) items. Not bad.

I’m still hearing “If a student lives well in college, they will live like a poor student when they finish college.” That and “Do you have a student discount?” are important things to remember.




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