Unsung Heroes

My daughter, a just-about-to-start college senior, and I went over to visit a new baby last evening.

The parents of said angel have been a part of my ‘extended’ family since my daughter was a high school sophomore, when our high school hired a new band director.

Educators are taking it on the chin. Scores are low and/or scores aren’t going up enough. In Chicago, the debate on the length of the school day – and length at which people are going to try to get it lengthened – is crazy and headline driving. There are constant new revelations about the amount of money being paid to high-ranking school officials, dubious deals with publishing companies and even basic safety issues, as schools get older or neighborhoods get rougher.

But there are so many people in education that offset this stuff.

The baby – as you’ve guessed – belongs to the band director, who was married right before he started at our high school. And this is baby number 2 – Aidan – his two-year-old son, has been a regular attendee of all concerts, football games, basketball games, etc.

Dad spends an inordinate amount of time at the high school, bringing his family when he can – forced to be away from them when he can’t. He arrives at school early every day and stays after almost every day, doing lessons, building sets, rehearsing sectionals, rehearsing plays, or just being an understanding ear to his many adopted children.

Add to that the evening responsibilities … evening rehearsals, sporting events that the band plays at, the hours of tech crew work that go into staging two major productions a year, and generally running lights and sounds for ALL auditorium usage throughout the year and … he’s not home much.

There was a time when both of my children were in the spring play and between rehearsals and school time there was no doubt but that the band director (and theatre director) were spending WAY more hours a day with my kids than I was.

So we went over yesterday to celebrate a new family member, play with Aidan and try to return a little of the support for his ‘real life’  that he gives to his extended piles of children every day. Not just him, but his wonderful wife, who attends everything, applauding while managing to keep a two year old interested, engaged and relatively quiet.

They are unsung heroes … who I thought deserved a little song.



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