Healthy and Health Insurance

A recent article on the BBC pointed out that one million more young adults, 18-25, have health insurance than that group had two years ago.

A large part of this is probably the ability for parents to maintain their children on their own insurance plan until the child is 26.

Health insurance is one of the confusions in the whole going to college expedition. My daughter at the University of Chicago has a good and pretty expensive plan. My son, through DePaul, has a token health plan with a very token price, so I need to keep him on my regular insurance as well as pay the token amount at DePaul, which covers a quick trip to the local doc in a box, should it be required.

I think I’m paying the token at DePaul so that when he gets sick, I can use the token payments to leverage him getting his butt to the clinic. Like health insurance in general, the whole college thing is a complication too.

My daughter’s insurance has a penalty built in for using it during the school year at other locations, so crazy that in one instance over a week vacation, she went to our regular doctor and we were then going to be charged MORE by the university than the appointment cost. We eventually got that straightened out, but … come on.

I’ve learned to love Walgreen’s clinics, which had become my son’s primary care … far too busy and often too sick to get a ‘regular’ appointment at his doctor’s, we saw the same nurse practitioner over a two year span as he came down with near identical cough/fever nonsense. She even remembered him.

Parents … it is just one more thing to think about and to try to guess at best case scenarios involving health, cost, crisis and parenting from a distance. Can’t say I have the best answers, but I have definitely asked lots of questions.

I know it is a way more complicated issue, but if someone is sick, can’t we just take care of ’em, no matter where they are? Someone is their mom and would appreciate it! Unfortunately the increased insurance rates are for that group only, as unemployment and a bad economy take the security of health insurance out of more hands. It just doesn’t seem right ….


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