Anticipation …

Wow … October already!

When I dropped my son off at school to begin his freshman year at DePaul it seemed like mid-October was far away. The reason it was on my mind was this coming weekend is Parent Weekend. Rob and I had resolved to wait for parent weekend to see each other,  as the university had recommended that it made the adjustment to college life easier.

First I must report a failure, of sorts. Rob’s already been home. He heard that his cousins were venturing to the pumpkin patch and he, with a fairly free Saturday, jumped on the train so he could join them. His plans were to train back to campus that night but the lure of home-cooked food and the shop at the pumpkin patch were both insurmountable obstacles.

I’m not sure that the blip in his living the ‘pure’ life has adversely affected him. He is loving college, loving living in Chicago and having a great time. My weekends are peppered with texts from him discovering something he needs to share while out exploring his city. He even found me a yarn store to visit while attending parent weekend.

DePaul has a lovely program planned that we will be ignoring. He has his own agenda and can’t wait to show off his new home to his mom and sister. We won’t be in ‘how to support your student’ seminars – we’ll be traipsing through town, visiting a bowler hat he thinks he needs, his favorite coffee place and I believe a museum or two. Dinner will be held – not in the cafeteria – but at a tapas restaurant where his sister will be old enough to have a glass of sangria.

I love that he has gone off program and that he is making the weekend his own. We are staying downtown Saturday night so that’s a treat for me too – time with the kids and loose in the city… can’t wait.

My only other piece of anticipation that I must share today is the collection of costumes Beyond Graduation is carrying for Halloween. Too cute .. find your favorite team and have a chuckle. Not only did anticipation seem like a great place to add some info about Halloween, but it then allows me to include costume images – Enjoy!



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