Halloween is coming

In case you hadn’t notice, Halloween will be here very soon.

All the signs are there … cool evenings, walkways littered with downed leaves, apples from the orchard, cider, and BIG bags of candy everywhere I go…. oh no …. too many fun sized candy bars are just as damaging as a big one … but much sneakier!I’m amazed by how much stuff Beyond Graduation carries for Halloween. The amazement isn’t as odd as it seems, as I have nothing to do with merchandising … I just look at the site and find things to say ‘Wow’ about. Or ‘wow’ about … as somethings … well … not my cup of tea.

There is an amazing selection for Halloween. You can have a monster in your teams uniform for your front lawn. You can get the fancy pumpkin carving kits for all major teams or you can just get a pumpkin trick or treat bucket that is sporting your favorite football helmet.

The best is the range of kid costumes. You can dress baby in what appear to be snug buntings based on team mascots. I’m not sure what a Hokie is … but the costume is really cute… especially with the little winged edges on the arms.

We have clever hoodies for toddlers that have the mascot on the hood – so it would be warm for Halloween and practical for use beyond the holidays.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all the stuff we carry for Halloween. Weeks ago we found a plague doctor mask … at Target …. better there than at the door, though I guess that is possible a week from Monday!


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