November? Already??

Wow … how did it get to be November already? Baseball season is over (not much before the snows flew) and we are heading into turkeys, tinsel and endless Christmas carols.

Allow me to indulge in a small whine, but I was at Kohl’s yesterday and they were decking their halls and playing LOUD holiday tunes (alternating with regular department store tunes). I felt queasy. Truly. I’ve never had that reaction before.

It isn’t that I’m against getting a jump on the holidays. I’ve had a few gifts purchased since the summer and am getting more proactive about ordering and shopping for those other things I need.

I’ve got the picture for my holiday card. Even managed to buy holiday stamps the other day and genuinely thought they were cute … even more so when the clerk mentioned that they reminded her of Dr. Seuss.

Good with all of that.

But the cheesy, painful, overly-loud sounds of noels being played as the soundtrack to my shopping … more than my stomach could bear. And I’ve got a genuinely strong stomach.

I have – unfortunately  – reached an age where I’ve caught myself singing along with the soundtrack of the mall. That fact does NOT make it right. Makes me nigh until senile, if you ask me.

Why … why the fake cheer? If there is one chord of sincerity in the mall melody, I’ll eat a fir tree. Perhaps I’m just becoming the Grinch, though I believe the song we’ve always called “Yahoo Doris” has a chance of making me smile.

Must I just avoid all out-of-home shopping experiences?? Good for places like Beyond Graduation, where I shop to the beat of my own ipod … bad for places like Kohl’s that I’ll be avoiding like the plague … as it made me feel like I had a slight dose.




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