Alumni Pride?

Social media has been key in ‘participating’ in the Sandusky horrors at Penn State.

According to an eCampus News story,  Facebook and Twitter lit up with current students and alumni weighing in on the revelations and the fallout.

Some were petitioning about keeping Paterno, some wanted his head, lots wanted the president of the university out. Despite all the cyber speak, the discussion took to the streets and there was violence added to the mix.

How sad to have such a long career tarnished so badly. How sad that Paterno’s actions – or truly his inaction – may be the coda on his career. How sad for the boys … 40 counts against Sandusky.

I have no words of wisdom here … I was going to write about reading to your kids. I just have sadness. Mostly for the little boys.

And a little for the big boys who put image and football ahead of children. When did a game become bigger than people? A long time ago I suspect. But this is no fairy tale, even though the lead is – at best – an ogre. A long time ago and far away … would people have looked the other way in hopes of  continued success on the football field?

Will people in the future?

Right now, that’s all we can hope. We can hope that there is a lesson out there and that it is taken to heart by anyone who turns a blind eye, walks away, or keeps silent.

This isn’t the first damage of children condoned by silence. But could we work together to make it the last?


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