Thankful …


How did it get here so quickly this year?

As this was the end of the silence in my house, I’d assumed I’d be counting the seconds, but it has been pretty busy and I haven’t been sitting around pining, I’ve been doing STUFF.

There was  a pretty sappy editorial in the Tribune this weekend about a mom preparing to welcome her baby boy home from college after his first quarter. It was gushy and all about her baby boy. My baby boy is coming home too, and while I’m very excited to have him home, I know that this is going to be a bit of an adjustment for both of us.

He has taken to roaming the streets of Chicago (I know … I can’t even think about the safety issues) and will be returning to this land of no sidewalks. I haven’t really cooked in ages – and I’m guessing he will still be expecting food on a regular basis. My house is amazingly clutter free and the only piles of STUFF are there with no one to blame but myself.

He comes back as a semi-functioning adult who has spent the past weeks making his own decisions and doing his own thing (which, come to think of it, pretty much describes my time as well.) Somewhere, we need to become a team again, at least until he goes back to school on Jan 2.

It will be a good adventure – I’m not concerned about that – but I am concerned about the woman who is expecting her baby to come home. He won’t. That is the whole point of college (okay .. only one of the points of college) – that they grow, mature and become more of themselves and less of you.

My daughter came back with new tastes in food, which broadened all of our culinary adventures. She came back with her own taste in clothing more firmly cemented, so that I don’t often buy her clothes without her there to provide her input. She came back with a stronger sense of self that is awesome, but different and you have to be prepared for the different.

It isn’t bad. It’s like when they go from non-mobile to mobile as infants.  Your world changes to suit their changes … or you pay the consequences!

So – I’m thankful for homecomings and for having time to spend with my kids. I’m thankful for Beyond Graduation and indeed any paycheck in this economy. I’m thankful that I have managed to fill as many blog posts as I have and live in the hope that I can continue to find something to say, twice weekly. Except for holidays.

Have a great one – enjoy your family, enjoy your time and enjoy your turkey!!


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