From Zero to LOTS

Thanksgiving refilled my house. Thanksgiving actually overfilled my house as I was suddenly joined by 4 college students (okay – one of ’em is a grad student) and we all shared one shower.

A little chaotic and crowded? Yes! Great fun? More than I can say!

While 3 of the 4 returned to college land at different points during the holiday weekend, my son is home on his winter break and it is a bit of adjustment for us both, some of which he should blame his sister for …

When she went off to college and assumed full control of laundry, she maintained it when she got home. I loved it. I’d often volunteer to change her bed after she left and do that last day’s worth of clothes, but she did the rest.

My son – who is now closer to 6′ 3″ – had been living the good life, with mom still doing his laundry. Yes, it is shameful, but it is also one of the traps in working from home. It is oh-so-easy to toss a load into the machine – though there have been days when it takes about 8 hours to cycle one load of clothes through the process because of phone calls, meetings, etc.

I’d decided that I was not going to fall back into the laundry trap for my son. It was fairly easy as I generally have most of my wash done before lunch while he is still sleeping, behind a closed door with his dirty laundry.

Yesterday he emerged at about 11:30 to announce that he couldn’t get dressed as he had NO clean clothes. Rather entertaining.

Yes, he managed to solve this problem himself – and it did all get done – even fresh sheets on his bed – before 10 pm. Talk about a holiday miracle.

I guess I worked very hard to feather this nest and make it really nice and secure and full service for my kids, but now I’m trying to keep the tiny pieces of reality that appeared at college (responsibility for food {at least finding it at this point} and making sure you actually have clean clothes) continue to exist.

I don’t love laundry, but I was feeling warmer toward it when it was only my laundry … fewer, lighter loads that moved from basement to bedroom all in the same day (not lingering on the hanging rack in the basement for ages and ages).

My son’s return is a series of negotiations – he cooked and cleaned up MOST of his mess; I think he’ll do better next time. He’s better about volunteering to help and has spontaneously contributed on several occasions.

If I can avoid folding (both metaphorically and his clothes) there may be hope for BOTH of us yet!


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