And now for something completely different ….

Have we met? I work for Beyond Graduation where I am known as ‘the token chick’.

Sports – sports – sports – and …. me!Is it a match made in heaven? Sure, I’m fine with presenting my opinions as representative of the whole female population as well as grateful for the mini-naps I take while the guys thrash back and forth on the latest sports results.

So, we’re in a team meeting today where it is announced that it was a BIG sports weekend. And that we really should blog about it. I thought this was a great idea… we’ve probably had enough chick lit on this site and it is time to return to our roots …. SPORTS.

So I say “I can’t write it – would one of you strong and burly gentlemen please create a piece about all this excitement you’ve been discussing?” as I batted by eyes furiously – a wasted effort, given it was a teleconference.

And they said yes.

And I GOT a link to someone else’s blog article that is so full of sports jargon it might as well be in Greek. And I got the suggestion that I try to take the high road like the author I’m to cite. It would help if I knew what the high road WAS.

Here I was, hoping to present you with a really meaty piece about the really amazing sports ‘stuff’ that happened this weekend and  …. sigh.

So … I guess ESPN and fans decide bowl match ups. And this year they didn’t select the Cowboys – many of whom are quoted as saying that it was their fault that they weren’t selected. And then they went on to say that the default for not being selected was a better option. Better game, better location, better opponents.

This is controversy in sports??

You can read more about it – the high road version –  right here ….

I’m hoping the next time I suggest the guys write for the blog, they remember this post. And actually write for the blog.


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