Beyond Graduation … Fun Fundraising

Beyond Graduation has probably been a ‘thing’ for almost a year now.

Sprung from the combination of two men’s experiences – Mike’s with selling software to college, Tom with selling licensed sports-related goods – Beyond Graduation has been an actual store front for a good part of the year and affiliate stores have been opening over the past two months.

There is our main store – http://www.BeyondGraduation. com – and that is open for business. We tweet, use Facebook, email and blog (no, really??) to promote the gazillions of items we have that show NCAA loyalty, and we throw pro sports into the mix too.

The affiliate stores are a second piece to the business. We will put a fresh ‘storefront’ on our site, so that  a college or university can afford their own merchandise (whether existing or created through our print on demand option) as well as offering ALL of the other merchandise in the site.

The school gets a percentage of the profits and no percentage of the work or expense of stocking their own store. No worries about merchandise, credit card fraud or staff … just a percentage of the profits.

We don’t see ourselves as competition for on campus bookstores, but do see that we could be a valuable offering for those who can’t easily get to the on campus store. Alumni, parents and friends don’t tend to be an easy hop, skip and jump from the often costly logowear that is available to students but priced out of most students’ budgets.

We will work with the school to promote the store in various ways … and the choice to acknowledge that purchases support the school can be known to purchasers or tacit.

And not only schools can benefit from these stores. Business that sell to students and sports fans could benefit from their own stores, and might have fun having their own brand of logo’d merchandise available for sale.

If you are interested in learning more, just let me know. We’ll be in touch and before you know it – you’ll have an online store, open for business.


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