The middle ground

Christmas is over, New Year’s is here in the blink of an eye … this is also a strange and strangely busy time of year.

So much prep goes into Christmas … trees, cards, gifts, wrapping and oh the food. New Year’s is also all about food, but more of an evening than of a season.

Can you tell we bake WAY too many cookies at Christmas time??

Both kids are spending their last week at home until March … or later if they can find a way to travel during their spring breaks. The time … while moment to moment leisurely … is racing by as all those last minute things need to get crammed into the remaining few days.

People to visit, shopping that needs to be done before the return to college (bathroom and laundry supplies, anyone??) I can feel the hours slipping away …

And there’s New Years looming. Do resolutions need to be made? If so … what??

I hope you spend this week relaxing and getting ready. I’m hoping 2012 will be a little kinder to us all than 2011 … lots of change is within our power … for that which is not within our power, I hope our elected officials can put partisanship behind them and more forward in a positive manner – we all need it.

More on resolutions later this week. Hopefully I can make up a few by then!


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