Resolved to ???

Happy almost new year!

Let’s close the books on 2011 and anticipate 2012 … both of those reactions seem to require lists.

First closing out 2011 … so many lists. Best movies. Worst movies. Worst dresser. Sporting highlight. Disaster lowlights. Who died? Who was born (and why should anyone but the parents really care??)

Then starting out 2012 … the lists become about resolutions. What am I going to try to accomplish during 2012? These typically involve health – weight, diet, exercise, – and can involve adding to your life (learn something new!) or subtracting (give up drinking/smoking/chocolate eclairs). They can be about finishing things (books, projects, etc.) or about starting things (new craft, new exercise program, etc.)

I’ve never been particularly good about making resolutions for the New Year. Partially, I’m sure, because I don’t want to look back at all those unchecked boxes when the next year rolls around!

I do a fairly good job with the practical and pragmatic and BORING. I guess I should resolve to go visit a dentist in early 2012 and can call it a day. But what I really need to resolve to do is find more fun. I have a routine that I enjoy and am exceedingly comfortable in but I really need to shake up that comfort and try to expand a bit.

With both kids off at school having new adventures daily, I’m somewhat compelled to be the unchanging anchor … but I know that I will get dusty! So … who wants to join me on new adventures in 2012? It’s a big world out there … let’s go explore.

All of us at Beyond Graduation wish you both a wonderful New Year and many fun adventures in the coming months!


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