Back to school

The house is empty.

Both kids are back at school for quarter two of this year … one for the last year of her college education, the other for quarter #2 of his first year.

Wow. Students will be return over the next few weeks, leaving their recent return to home in their wake as they go back and readjust to school.

My son, who had a great first quarter and was antsy to return early on, was a little anxious about going back. All is ‘fantastic’ today, but that transition … a little stress building yet again.

As a parent, all you can do is respect their changes and give yourself a little space to transition yourself. From a chaos, noise and company, I’ve got dust bunnies, piles to clean and more silence than I can stand.  As a student, they go from full independence to being home as a child to back to ruling their destiny. A little nerve-wracking on all sides.

Be calm, be patient and remember the dust bunnies will become one with the vacuum cleaner with minimal effort.

Let them go (kids not dust bunnies) … but provide a warm send off. Let them stand independent, but sure they have a warm coat, sub zero-proof boots and a wool hat you know will survive the storm.

The next time will be easier for all. The first time is always an adventure.



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