Even Beyond Graduation felt the Tebow effect

While his season may be over, Tim Tebow certainly arrived this year.

And his arrival was very good for Denver and for the Broncos.

Lots has been written recently (including this article focusing on small businesses boosted by Tebow), but even Beyond Graduation saw him driving traffic to our site. Yes, we promoted his ongoing adventures via our Facebook page, but even with those efforts, we were surprised by how many Tebow fans (?) followed links back to the Beyond Graduation site.

What was it exactly? The last seconds drama? The fun of an underdog changing its spots?  The loud sharing of his beliefs? The fact that both of these got lots of attention and conversation as his season continued with heart-attack inducing last minute wins?

I personally find it a little odd to think that a high power has time to influence the outcome of football games. I guess I’m really hoping that there are bigger issues on his or her plate than NFL, but I’ve been wrong so many times before.

As football’s attention drifts away from the Bronco’s and Tebow, now watching games on the tv at home like the rest of us, all we can say is thank you. We – like many small businesses – enjoyed the boost we got from Tebow and, as fans, we enjoyed the drama and suspense of many of the games this season. Except when OUR team was the victim of those last second pieces of drama.



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