Alumni Discounts Helps Build Alumni Programs and Loyalty

While traditional colleges and universities have long benefited from robust alumni programs, career colleges are just starting to formalize these programs within their schools.

The benefits of a strong alumni group are myriad: an increase in school spirit and school personality, access and active communication with a group that actively recruits for the school and there are often financial benefits for the institution.

“To help support these burgeoning alumni programs, I am delighted to launch, as a website platform that will help schools position the benefits of alumni membership to their graduates,” commented Michael Fischler, President and CEO of The Journey Continues, Inc., parent company to and Beyond Graduation.

The program offers a website full of discounts and benefits selected specifically for college alumni. The offerings extend from to special deals on restaurants, travel, national attractions (vacation destinations), concerts & events, volume retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco, and much more.

“Recent graduates don’t always realize the benefit of becoming active alumni. They take their degree and move on to the rest of their lives. What this program can do is give them a reason to stay in touch with their institution, keeping the conversation going as they progress in their professional lives,” said Fischler. “We are launching at APSCU this month(June 2012) and are eager to discuss our program with all of the attendees.”

About Alumni Discounts

Alumni Discounts is a The Journey Continues, Inc. company. Along with its sister company, Beyond Graduation, these online portals are focused on serving the college market, by bringing  licensed and discounted products to college graduates (or fans). The marriage of experience, quality merchandise and affinity programs that assists the mission of all alumni associations and academic consortiums sets The Journey Continues programs apart, creating a new standard in fundraising and outreach. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact


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