Parents Day is July 22nd – Honor Your Parents!

Parents Day is July 22nd.  For many of us, it was hearing about our parents alma matter that first got us excited about the eventual college or university that we attended.  For others, including me, we became the first person in our family to graduate from college (University of Florida).  In both cases, we can use that day to give thanks to our parents in helping to guide us along our educational/collegiate path.

Surprise your parents by giving them the gift they really want.  Give them a memento from your college/university.  Of course, if their favorite team is different than yours, honor your parents by purchasing an apparel or fan-gear item from their favorite team.

Sure Parents Day is one of those days where we are not really sure how began.  Does that matter?  Use it as a great excuse to prep your parents for the upcoming college football season.  Minimally, it will put a smile on their face knowing that they raised their son or daughter right!

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