About Us:

Beyond Graduation’s Alumni eStore Network (AEN) is designed to support schools in their ongoing conversation with their alumni, providing school-spirited items available for sale in customized eStores that will, in turn, financially support their alma mater.

Institutions of learning of all types are invited to open and help market their own Beyond Graduation eStore. A percentage of profits will revert to the school and the dialogue driven by the store provides one more way to stay in contact with alumni.

Management Team:

For twenty years, Michael Fischler was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Journey Education Marketing, Inc. (JourneyEd). With sales of over $120 million, JourneyEd operated and managed over 30,000 online, school-affiliated e-commerce stores. Representing America’s largest technology companies – Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, Microsoft, etc. – JourneyEd pioneered the online sales of software and related educational items to K-12 and college students and their institutions. When Mr. Fischler sold the company to Digital River, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRIV) in late August of 2010, JourneyEd was the undeniable leader in the space.

In addition to Mr. Fischler, Beyond Graduation has a management staff with decades of experience selling educational product.

Tom Schaeffer, VP of Licensed Development, is a former National Sales Manager of the Dallas Cowboys and founder of Active Concepts. Tom has 29 years experience in the sales and marketing licensed sports business.

Steve Cronin, Regional Marketing Manager, spent the past 20 years working for Aldus and Adobe’s educational group.

Alice Kelsey, Regional Marketing Manager, has worked the past 10 years in the educational community, as marketing manager for both Educational Resources and Journey Education Marketing.

Lee Wicker, Director of Purchasing and Merchandising, has spent the past 15 years working for various technology companies including JourneyEd and Academic Superstore, LLP.

John Wainwright, VP of Web Development, has spent the past 10 years leading JourneyEd’s vast web development.

Beyond Graduation’s Galactic Headquarters:

5729 Lebanon Road
Suite 300
Frisco, TX 75034
PH: 469-777-3528
Fax: 214-960-4534


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