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Super bowl XVII is set. 49ers vs. Ravens

In less than two weeks (Feb 3) a new Super Bowl champion will be crowned. Are you Super Bowl (SB) ready?  Whether you are throwing your own SB party or attending a party, you need to be ready. Even though Beyond Graduation is most well know for our collegiate gear we stock tons of NFL, […]

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Students and Educators SAVE Big!

Here are a few of the thousands of daily deals you can take advantage of on the Academic Discounts Program. Papa Johns:  Academic Discount Program Members can save 25% off their entire purchase.  Order online for local pick-up or delivery to your door. GameStop:  Academic Discount Program Members can save on games as well as […]

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Just in Time for Back-To-School, College Students Save Big with New Academic Discounts – Perks and Benefits Program

The Academic Perks & Benefits Program from offers significant Back-To-School discounts everyday from over 100,000 local and national vendors to students, educators, staff, and even parents. FRISCO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Journey Continues, Inc. has announced a new business unit called Academic Discounts. Just in time for the Back-To-School season,’s Academic Perks & Benefits Program […]

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Back-To-School Spending Grows

Wow…the new semester and back-to-school season is almost here.  At Academic Discounts and Beyond Graduation, we are gearing up for our “busy season.”  Our goal is to help you save money while you shop. According to the National Retail Federation, with more children entering elementary and middle school this fall and after cutting back their […]

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Money-Saving ideas for students

6 Money-Saving Tips for College Students

The definition of “college student” should be “one who is continually broke and stressed out.” With most of their money going toward tuition and books, there’s little left for other necessities, much less anything recreational. Here are six tips that will help college students save money. To help you (or the college student in your […]

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Students Have Access to Thousands of Local & National Discounts

We all know about the high cost of tuition and responsibilities of being a student, but what about the benefits?  Most students don’t realize that there is a world of discounts available to them to them. Just in time for the Back-To-School season, The Journey Continues, Inc. has unveiled a new discount program for students, […]

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Parents Day: July 22nd

Parents Day is July 22nd – Honor Your Parents!

Parents Day is July 22nd.  For many of us, it was hearing about our parents alma matter that first got us excited about the eventual college or university that we attended.  For others, including me, we became the first person in our family to graduate from college (University of Florida).  In both cases, we can […]

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Pittsburgh Technical Institute

Beyond Graduation Creates Alumni Apparel & Gear eStore For Pittsburgh Technical Institute

“I’m delighted to announce that Beyond Graduation now has a customized Online Apparel & Gear store for students, proud parents and alumni of Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI),” said Michael Fischler, President and CEO of Beyond Graduation. “Additionally, we have stocked the PTI store with a great selection of fan gear from all Pittsburgh professional teams.” Beyond Graduation is every fan’s […]

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Alumni Discounts Helps Build Alumni Programs and Loyalty

While traditional colleges and universities have long benefited from robust alumni programs, career colleges are just starting to formalize these programs within their schools. The benefits of a strong alumni group are myriad: an increase in school spirit and school personality, access and active communication with a group that actively recruits for the school and […]

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Finally, the affiliate program is here!

It was worth the wait. Fans of Beyond Graduation rejoice. Fans of all things sport-related rejoice … harder! As you blog, facebook, tweet, etc. about your love of football, Tebow, your local middle school football team, NASCAR, etc., you can feature items from Beyond Graduation or links to the online shop and get a percentage […]

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