When Not Posting Your GPA Can Hurt You

I will be the first to tell you that GPA isn’t everything.  While it can be a great indicator of your success in college, I am of the mindset that employers are looking for applicants with a lot more than just good grades.  After reviewing countless resumes for graduating college students, I’m still not sure if students have a general understanding of when it is and isn’t in their best interest to provide their GPA.  This short post will discuss some of the reasons and rules associated with the College GPA.  

First of all, most employers have a “cut off” for their application process.  This means that if you’re GPA is below a certain point…..sorry.  While many hiring managers won’t admit that they have an “official” GPA requirement, there tends to be a stigma associated with anything below a 3.0.   Which brings us to our Rule Of The Day:  


While some of those “B” and “C” students out there are probably very angry at me, let me explain.  There is nothing wrong with having a GPA below 3.0 and many of the most impressive young talent that I’ve ever met have not been “stars” in the classroom, but that doesn’t mean that others (especially employers) may have preconceived notions about certain GPA’s.  Here is the rationale.  The majority of hiring managers will be looking for students with a GPA above a 3.0.  So, if you’re above a 3.0, you’re safe.  You’ve made the cut.  

Now, what if you graduated with a 2.9, but you were President of the School?  Wouldn’t you rather explain to the employer that you spent the majority of your college years making the university a better place for your colleagues?  The mentality is that once you’re in the interview, it’s a lot easier to explain your grades.  Don’t take yourself out of the race because an employer has set their own standard.  

In just the last two weeks, I’ve seen students with 3.8’s who didn’t think to include their GPA and students with 2.2’s who displayed it proudly next to their major.  Be smart…include credentials that will keep you in the application pool and remove those that will take you out of it.  


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